Summer is here!  I am working on a series of threatened animals, all about 20x20"  So far they look good in a line!  Not ready to post yet though.  I work on them all at the same time, and they are coming along.



For fun I sometimes make little animal sculptures.  I now have them in galleries:

the Paige Wiard Gallery in Calumet, the Community Arts Center in Hancock, and the Charlevoix Center for the Arts in Charlevoix, downstate.


My primary work is different and very serious.  I want to combine imagery and abstraction, an ongoing attempt to communicate while going deeper, whether I use animals or trees or no imagery at all.

I will have a couple of exhibitions next year but am still reserving my time this year for my visual explorations.


My studio is in an old elementary school, 801 North Lincoln Drive in Hancock. I love visitors!  I am usually there but please call first: 906-370-3183.  My hours are erratic.



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