Summer is here!  I am working on a series of threatened animals, all about 20x20"  So far they look good in a line!  Not ready to post yet though.  I work on them all at the same time, and they are coming along.


Also I have been making small animal sculptures for my first ever art fair, on the green Saturday in Hancock 10-4.  I will have about 25 of these little "dolls" although not meant for children to play with as they are fragile.  More appropriate to hang on the wall as "protector spirits."


I will also have note cards of this dog painting for sale.  I am looking forward to trying out this experiment, to see if it is worthwhile.  If not I will continue to put these dolls into galleries and sell them there.


My studio is in an old elementary school, 801 North Lincoln Drive in Hancock. I love visitors!  I am usually there but please call first: 906-370-3183.  My hours are erratic.



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