I recently had my early work digitalized and have decided to post some of it on this site.

Looking back I see a relationship between things happening in my life, and my imagery as metaphor.  My life at present is much more peaceful!


I have been working on a series of large oil paintings of trees, based on  two years of abstractions, now evolving into imagery. Two of the paintings from this series are part of the Embassy collection.


Recently I have also been having fun making smaller drawings and paintings of animals, mainly those of the north woods of my childhood. 


And I continue to work on abstract pencil drawings; my search to go deeper never ends...


A surprising turn of events is that the little dolls I have been making all my life just for fun or to give away to friends or family have started to be taken seriously.  I am not sure how I feel about all this, as they now start to take on a different identity... Still working this out in my mind. (see Animal Sculptures.)


My studio is in an old elementary school, 801 North Lincoln Drive in Hancock. I love visitors!  I am usually there but please call first: 906-370-3183.  My hours are erratic.



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